iOffice Space Management Module

Do you manage your space?
Or does your space manage you?

Stop reacting to questions about your space with lengthy “walk-throughs” around your facility. Driven from AutoCAD floor plans of one’s facility, iOffice provides institutional, lab, industrial and office space management. It also connects locations on a floor plan with information such as room numbers, space types and staff locations. The space management module allows you to:

  • Know how much vacant space you have and where it is
  • Instantly generate print-outs of your existing facility with color-coded seating plans
  • Quickly produce reports of which departments have the most space and which are the most and least efficient
  • Automatically generate stacking diagrams for master planning and space utilization analysis
  • Respond quickly and from anywhere to requests for space, occupancy or chargeback reports
  • Reduce errors by having everyone work from the latest, single source  of information
  • Annotate and publish floor plans with emergency egress routes, life safety information and other space management information

“Aveo is a rapidly growing company, therefore allocating and preparing space for new employees was an enormously time-consuming challenge. Going from zero visibility of our space usage to having a complete understanding of our vacancies and space utilization has turned a near impossible job to one that is infinitely manageable. The FoxFMS Space and Move modules have been an absolute necessity on a daily basis.”

- Jerry Nadeau
Director of Facilities
Aveo Pharmaceuticals