Due Diligence

Services offered from Boston office only

When you don’t know what you don’t know.

Due diligence in real estate can take many forms.  From a construction due diligence perspective, Fox is able to provide the insight you need at the earliest possible point in your project lifecycle.  For only a small investment, Fox participation in the due diligence process can save enormous dollars in future infrastructure improvements, lease fees from “appropriately-sizing” your facility and engineering consultant fees, in addition to providing invaluable input for lease negotiations.

Elements of Fox’s real estate due diligence checklist include:

  • Market Analysis
  • Interior Space Evaluations
  • Core & Shell / Site Evaluation Coordination
  • Macro-Programming
  • Test Fits
  • Selected Building Due Diligence
  • Lease Review


“Our project literally wouldn’t have been possible without the expert guidance of the Fox team. From assisting our brokerage team to facilitating the design, construction and relocation processes, Fox made sure we met our aggressive schedule. We are loving our new space — it perfectly suits our operational requirements as well as our culture, and we look forward to growing our company here.”

- Jeff Patulak
Chief Financial Office
Eliza Corp.